You Need A Team!


There are many moving pieces in the home buying process.

Having a team that has your best interest in mind is the key to a smooth transaction.


You will need:

A Realtor®. They negotiate the terms of your home purchase.

A Lender. They help you determine the best financing terms for you.

A Title Company. They research the property’s prior ownership.

A Home Inspector. Tells you the condition the home is in before you buy it.


Of course, this is the basic role of each of your team members.

There is so much more involved.  I have clients that just want an end result with little details along the way. Others that want to know why and how at every turn.  I am very comfortable with either scenario and will adapt to your expectations. My role is to inform and advise you during your journey.  It’s about you, not me.

Are you ready?  Call me!  It’s just a conversation.                



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