Thinking Of Selling Your Home?


Why use a Realtor®?  Let me count the ways.

There are so many reasons why you need to use a Realtor®, mostly to save you money!                          

Let me say that again. Mostly to save you money!

So many people think that selling their home themselves will save them money. The facts are in and they are undisputed! Using a Realtor® will typically save you money or will make you more money than if you did not use a Realtor®.  I know we all want to save money at every opportunity.  As a Realtor®, I do not determine what any home’s value might be; the market does. If you want me to sell your house for more than its current market value, I only need to find one person that is willing to pay more for your home than its current market value. 

Keep in mind that a lender will not loan money for a home if its value isn’t supported by the market. That means that if a home’s current market value is at three hundred thousand and it sells for three hundred twenty thousand, the buyer will have to have the difference of twenty thousand in cash at the closing table. That can and does happen but, that’s not typical.

We live in a very litigious world.  If you overlook a disclosure or agree to something you don’t fully understand, you could be setting yourself up for a lawsuit.  If you wouldn’t represent yourself in a court of law, unless you are an attorney, why would you go up against a professional Realtor® representing the other side?

As a home owner myself, I have hired many professionals to work on my house for the same reason.  I didn’t have the knowledge or the tools to do it myself.  I have learned first-hand that it usually costs me more time and money trying to do something myself, and then I wind up hiring a professional to fix my mistakes. When we hire a professional for anything, what we are paying for are their skills and knowledge.  It’s too expensive to make mistakes!

The same is true for a Realtor®. That’s what they do. 

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